[Clayart] being direct....words...

Marci marci at ppio.com
Wed Dec 18 12:45:28 EST 2013

>Jim Cullen wrote:
>Maybe, someday, ClayArt will get back to the discussion of clay! I hope
>it's soon or I'll be ending my 20+ years of lurking.

    Ill say the same thing that I say on my own PPIO listserv : 
rather than complain that the list isnt discussing what you want to 
discuss, why not take that same time to suggest a topic for 
discussion or, even better,  start a discussion on a clay topic that 
interests you . It's a much more surefire way of getting the group 
back on track.
     As with PPIO , Clayart discussion goes the way of the email 
being sent in .
marci the chinapainter 

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