[Clayart] Slip and score spectrum

Barry Salaberry bsalab at gmail.com
Thu Dec 19 00:20:59 EST 2013

I was taught by Bob Yaryan at Holy Names in 1967 to use the pin tool,
followed by copious slip app to the pot, attach leather hard handle,
also scored and slipped.
Later learned from Al Bain in 1975 to use toothbrush with thin slip on
pot only, then add clay to pull handle from there.
Later saw Harry Davis in Metchosin use just a scant amount of water
dragged through with fingernail, added clay and pulled handle in place
from there.
Later saw Bob Kingsmill use fork with slip on pot, then added clay and
pulled handle from there.
With difficult porcelain, I have resorted to 'Magic Water,' (vinegar,
Karo syrup and water) applied with toothbrush to pot, add clay and
pull handle in place...'never fail' method.
Now, using 3 different and forgiving bodies, (M342, Calico and B-Mix)
back to toothbrush, thin slip, add clay and pull in place.
I've never used damp storage or plastic after handling up.
Never any cracks in handle apps.
Just my story,

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