[Clayart] VERY low fire glaze

Fredrick Paget fredrick at well.com
Thu Dec 19 00:53:25 EST 2013


   If you are looking for the best solution I would say my best advice 
is to buy a good organic vapor cartridge for a high grade mask. That 
will most likely take out the vapor that affected you from the 
luster.We all know that lusters work.

If you still want to try something else Marci sells china paints and 
she has some kind of a powdered mica that looks like gold and can be 
put on by china paint technique.
I have also used it to make decals by ink jet embossing and it works.

   When you get into china paint range there are mostly lead frits 
that will melt at those lower temperatures.

   When I was really into decals a few years ago I bought several low 
temp (cone 015) frits. One of them is said to be lead free and is 
used in a covercoat for decals made by the BalteaDC  laser printer 
people in Turin (Torino) Italy. I have not tested it for lead. 
Covercoat is a sort of laquer used on top of the decal to hold it 
together in the water when you soak it and it burns off in firing. If 
you put this frit in it it makes a top glaze coat on the decal.

However a glaze on top of the gold would possibly destroy the gold by 
combining with it to make a pink mess. Research needed. Gold leaf its 
self is put on buildings and it lasts quite a while exposed . There 
are a lot of big statues in Paris parks that are covered in it.

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