[Clayart] Clayart Digest, Vol 2, Issue 23

Ann Kenworthy annk201 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 19 08:00:53 EST 2013

RE:  My two cents

Whoa!  I work in isolation and thank clayartworld every day for a sense of
connection and wonderful insights and new information.  I just received two
off-list responses on my dream studio query (thanks Douglas Fur and
Jennifer Stein) with fabulous suggestions that I would never have thought
of.  Never has a question of mine gone unanswered, and a lot of them were
basic questions, too.

And I've made wonderful friends through the list, too.  People who have
given generously of their time and talent (and support).  What's not to

I think flailing away at Vince should be over, too.  Jeez, he has given
tirelessly of his time and knowledge and shared so generously.  I've never
met the guy, but I'd invite him to dinner in a heartbeat, just to say thank
you.  That goes for all of you.  Come on down!

We all have different needs at different points in our clay journeys.
 Let's get over ourselves and start talking about clay again and helping
each other with a generous spirit.

Ann, busy making lists for the new studio.  :-)

Ann Kenworthy, nearly in Amherst

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> Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2013 19:42:33 -0600
> Subject: [Clayart] Add my two cents
>  Seems like there is a lot of problems with the board and I along with
>  other people have problems in this group , I think I'm done and the
> experience really hasn't been that pretty.  I have my doubts that this will
> even get put on the board, very few of comments have.  So many of my
> questions for support and help are just not replied to by anyone. I have
> found this group to be clicky ,unresponsive  and not very friendly.
>   There are many esoteric quiblings that go on forever but a simple
> question is just disregarded.
>      I'm involved with many forums ,I find they are a good source of
> information and comradery  . So I believe I have some perspective of them .
> I have been seriously disappointed and I hope that the forum will change in
> the future.  It is needed. So many of us work independently and a group
> like this could be helpful supportive and a community to the ones that work
> in isolation

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