[Clayart] James and Kelly

John Post johnpost at wideopenwest.com
Fri Dec 20 14:39:36 EST 2013

It's nice to see James and Kelly posting to the list again.

Even if I disagree with something either of them says (not often), I like the way they say things and their thoughts lead me to new thinking of my own.

It's my hope that they feel comfortable enough to stick around.

I like my dose of clay art mixed in with opinions and stories from real life and thoughts outside of the clay world.

I find clayart a less interesting read when it gets argumentative and combative.  Especially when some feel the need to point out that their way of doing something is the "only" right way and that others are doing it wrong.  

I like the diversity of voices on this list and am glad James and Kelly are back...

John Post

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