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I  think that we make be mistaking the use of terms. Play does not always
denote frivolity but rather a joy in making. Many times it is in the
presentation of the idea or work. During my MFA I was charged by a studio
mate as not being serious about my or his work i.e. being frivolous when I
was simply not couching the criticism in stoic tones. We don't all have to
present ourselves as morticians to be taken serious. (God knows I am too
tall for that. Lurch references would abound!)

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> here is a real life story to illustrate my point.
> we had a gal here on clayart a few years back that
> was very excitable...she would love to wave her arms
> and say...`i love playing in my studio, i love playing with
> clay.
> her husband did not support her work.  he just ignored it.
> one day i said to her...`you know, your husband works very hard
> every day.  year in. year out.   he does not respect your
> `play`.  he works, you play`.
> so, i asked her to see if her husband would join her in making
> clay with the pug mill, make glaze for her, do calculations for
> new glazes..haul pots to shows, pack pots...have him do
> all the hard stuff.  she did that.
> after a few weeks he was all in favor of her getting back
> to her `play`....without him.
> he saw for the first time that making pots is damn hard work.
> lots of steps of very hard work.
> words mean things.  know what the listener is thinking.
> i never `play`.
> i work, study, do research, and make stuff.  hard work, and it
> is dedicated hard work.
> i tell that to my customers.  i show them the pug mill and the
> bags of clay...ask them to pick it up.  `wow, that is heavy`
> it is all about the stereotype, play is for children, adults work.
> so.
> make your work joyful, exciting, make it make you happy every day.
> enjoy that you are in control of whatever you make and in any style
> you wish to make it.
> hang christmas lights in your studio if you wish, blow up balloons..who
> cares...it is your space.
> just don't let your customers think they are buying pots from a child.
> we know the difference, they do not.
> mel
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