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Thanks for the responses. I have a few more things to think about now.

> Folks,
> The new soda kiln at Washington Heights Art Center is installed and 
> ready to use. I have a question that I am puzzling about now, before 
> we use it. I asked Jim Cooper, who built it, if we should spray the 
> interior with ITC coating. He said it would work just as well and be a 
> lot cheaper to coat the interior with this kiln wash recipe:
> 50 EPK
> 50 Alumina Hydrate
> 10 Epsom Salts
> I wanted to be cautious so I mixed this up, substituting glomax 
> (calcined kaolin) for half the EPK, and applied it to a couple of 
> brand new electric kiln shelves. I also tried a recipe from John Britt 
> for "No Crack Kiln wash" with 1% G-200 spar instead of the epsom 
> salts. The "no crack" recipe worked much better, in an electric kiln. 
> The epsom salts recipe cracked and started flaking right away.
> So my question is, does anybody use anything other than ITC coating 
> for the inside of a soda kiln - not for the shelves, but on the walls 
> of the kiln? I certainly don't want to use the epsom salt recipe given 
> the way it performed on a regular kiln shelf, but does anybody have 
> another recipe they'd recommend?
> Thanks, Sumi von Dassow
> Washington Heights Art Center, Lakewood Colorado
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