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Thu Aug 7 13:25:40 EDT 2014

I specifically recommended WD40 because it is not a very good 
lubricant. It is mostly Stoddard solvent with a little very light oil 
and proprietary rust preventer. If you try axle grease I fear the 
Morse taper will not lock as it depends on the  friction force in the 
joint being greater than the torque force . If you try it and it 
slips, no harm will be done, as you can take it off and clean it and 
go to WD40 or  nothing.

On my Jepson wheel  I began to get slippage after a couple of years 
and had to put a pin through the base of the taper. The pin engages a 
groove knotch I filed at the  bottom of the wheel head center collar. 
That operation is easy on the Jepson because the splash pan is very 
deep and removable . There is about 6 inches of free space you can 
operate a drill in. Probably not the case on the Soldner so it would 
be a job for a machinist to take it all apart. The pin to use is 
called a Rollpin . It stays put as there is a spring action as the 
roll is driven into the recommended hole size and the pin stays tight 
in the hole.


>Paul Gerholdwrote:

>  WD40 is not really a good oil for this purpose and will not work 
>over the long haul.  Best bet would be a grease such as axle grease 
>which will not evaporate over time.
>For removal of the head would recommend gradual tapping on the wheel 
>head bottom as close to the shaft as possible.  I use a piece of 
>hardwood about one inch by two inch an about a foot long to transfer 
>the force from the hammer to the wheel head.  If this doesn't work 
>you can try heating the wheel head and then tapping.
>On Aug 6, 2014, at 7:34 PM, Fredrick Paget via Clayart 
><clayart at lists.clayartworld.com> wrote:
>>  I have a Jepson wheel with the Morse tapered shaft on the head 
>>shaft. A Morse taper locks due to the low angle  and need a a good 
>>tap in the upward direction to spring it free.
>>  I have an old skin diving weight that weighs about 4 pounds and is 
>>flat enough that I can put it on the flat of my hand and get under 
>>the head with some free play. I give it a good tap in the upward 
>>direction and it springs free.  Keep the taper oiled with WD40 to 
>>prevent rust.
>>  If you want more info see Wikipedia: 
>>  Fred Paget
>>  Twin Dragon Studio
>  > Mill Valley, CA, USA


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