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> The 'Poppies' commemorate Britain's or the UK's involvement in 'The Great
> War' or, in 'World War One' as some would have it.

Ummm ... when I was at school it was because Germany invaded Belgium and
Luxembourg and moving toward France. (with Austria-Hungary invading the
Kingdom of Serbia due to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand), The
French then invoked the alliances from the Entente Cordiale and Triple
Entente (Britain, France and Russia.)

I hear historians debate the real importance of these documents these days.
Particularly as these alliances were primarily signed in the fear of German
aggression in the first place.

Also the poppies do not just commemorate British Casualties, but also those
of the entire Commonwealth (i.e. New Zealand, Australia, Canada, South
Africa etc) - each poppy represents a casualty.


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