[Clayart] ceramic poppies oops

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Hey Fred, you goofed.

"la Marseillaise" is the natioal anthem of France, and Marseille is the city
which has been there before the roman empire.
It was a destination of choice for roman pedophiles.
So goes history.


Edouard Bastarache



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> My mother was a veteran of WWI.
> She had just graduated from Nursing school and signed up as a Red Cross 
> nurse and was sent over to France. she spent 3 years nursing the sick and 
> wounded there and the last year when US joined in she was made an  USArmy 
> nurse. She caught Spanish flue at some time there and spent 3 months in 
> Marsellaise recuperating and where she learned to paint watercolors which 
> my sister still has. She died at 102 years, 20 years ago.
> Fred
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