[Clayart] Lizella

Snail Scott via Clayart clayart at lists.clayartworld.com
Mon Aug 11 10:13:47 EDT 2014

Hey, guys!

I am wanting to do some clay-body tests incorporating Lizella clay, 
but I can't buy it locally in less than the usual 100# sacks.  I'd rather 
not do that until I know I want to use it in quantity.  Anyone know a 
supplier that would sell me 10# or so (dry) - just enough for a few 
test batches?  Shipping's gonna exceed the material cost, I expect, 
and could end up costing more than a whole 100# sack, but I don't 
want to store (or haul, or dump) a whole sack if I don't end up using 

I live near St. Louis, in the US, if that matters.


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