[Clayart] Xanthan gum

Snail Scott via Clayart clayart at lists.clayartworld.com
Thu Aug 14 13:18:24 EDT 2014

On Aug 14, 2014, at 9:36 AM, Jeff Lawrence via Clayart wrote:
> ...In glazes, all gums I've used slow drying time noticeably, even on very
> absorbent bisque. Too much gum of any sort can ruin a batch completely
> (voice of bitter experience).
> A key trait of casting slips is that they let their water wick out quickly
> and grow stiff fast - I'd expect gum to work against both these
> characteristics...

On the other hand, gum and other additives can be useful
in decorating slips for exactly the same reason. Instead of 
instant 'set', you get working times that allow oil-paint effects 
and soft blending.


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