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Randall -- I have one with a deairing pump (and chamber) and it works just fine without them.  The clay is
a little different when not deaired, but the mechanism works fine etc.

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>I have recently acquired a Bluebird 440 de-airing pugmill and have a couple
> of questions.
> 1. It did not come with the vacuum pump so does anyone know where I can
> purchase one without having to sell an internal organ to pay for it?
> 2. Can you run a de-airing pugmill without using the pump with no ill
> effects on the machine? (intuitively I think yes but...)
> 3. There is a hard rubber or plastic bushing in the shaft area that is
> looking a bit old. Where can I get a replacement if/when I need one.

1. Bruce and Michael have already addressed. I would, of course, look
for a "deal". I don't think it would hurt if the specs don't match up
exactly. So what if you pull a little more or a little less pressure.

2. Sure - no problem. I often do this with my small Bluebird.

3. These things have a proper name but most call this a "spider".
You can buy them from any bearing supply place. W.W. Grainger
is the big chain, but all cities have independents. You will need to
know the size, plus there are different rubber hardness specs. If
I remember correctly red ones are more durable than black ones.

David Hendley
david at farmpots.com

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