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Yes at cones eleven to thirteen in the wood fire I did not concern over straining glazes unless it became evident that one of the raw materials contained mine process debris.  At those temps stuff just burnt out and healed over.  Ash and salt played their part as well.  However with no wood fired kiln yet at my new digs, (sob, yearning)  and now firing 'vessels of domestic utility' at cone six ox I did not want to chance that blebs and healed scars would contribute something positive. 


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> > ...I have been having little slivers of plastic floating in two glaze buckets...
> We get those in one of the college's glaze buckets - shreds of the 
> bucket itself, very visible since it's dark blue plastic. I thought at 
> first that the white buckets just didn't show their shreds so clearly, 
> but nope - the blue bucket is simply a softer plastic and gets 
> chipped by the glaze blunger, which is a bit bent up. The other 
> buckets are just more durable. I suppose I should do something, 
> but the plastic bits burn out and the glaze flows well enough to 
> leave no lasting marks. 
>                -Snail 
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