[Clayart] CLaude Laliberté's Glazes

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One of the indicators of metallic Zinc volatilisation is the reversion to an 
oxidised state as it is exhausted from the kiln is Colour. That of the hot 
zinc oxide is pale yellow where it escapes via spy holes or fissures in 
I would suggest to anyone who has to teach glaze chemistry that they 
introduce.some practical bench testing using the Blowpipe and Charcoal Block 
test,  the Flame tests and the Molten Bead tests. For Details see a book on 
minerals of the Earth. My copy of "Dana's Manual of Mineralogy" 18th edition 
by Cornelius S.Hurlbut Jr. published byWiley and Sons. is getting a bit 
Interesting discussion
Ivor Lewis,
South Australia 

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