[Clayart] clay body

James Miner via Clayart clayart at lists.clayartworld.com
Mon Aug 25 21:06:37 EDT 2014

Hi all.  It may not be common knowledge among old timers that most
traditional glazes (containing 40+% feldspar/feldspathoid) will craze on
the bulk of moist clay bodies that are available for purchase.  While the
coefficient of thermal expansion can be estimated for glazes, it cannot be
reliably estimated for the body and must be determined by dilatometry or by
by trial and error.

I really like seeing glaze recipes from our teachers, the elder statesmen
and women of clay, but they are less useful for amateurs without some sort
of clay body that would fit the glaze.  This is especially necessary for
those who may not fire more than a few times a year and cannot test a whole
bunch of bodies for throwability or fit.  I recently contacted a regular
glaze contributor, who mentioned a couple of hundred clay body recipes that
he might be publishing, but that is impossible to sort through if you don't
fire often.

Since I suspect most clay recipes are handed down during school from
elders, perhaps those who have had benefit of academic training might
suggest some general clay bodies that might be worth the time for newbies
to formulate instead of buying moist clay.  Some sort of description, such
as "throws well", or "most glazes don't craze" might help us find a good
body.  This list serve prides itself on disseminating knowledge, but some
very practical questions that I have posted in the past have dropped with
only the reply of crickets chirping.  Who will step up and help us newbies
with very specific and necessary questions?

Personally, I would like to find a good throwing C10 body for tableware
that does not warp and can accept some of the traditional glazes of 50 to
80% feldspar (such as real temmoku or shino).  Any suggestions?  Please
don't ask "what can you get"…I can get anything that major clay supply
houses stock.  If no one replies, my next step is to mine the archives of
Alfred or Vince at ACC.


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