[Clayart] Mica clay and terra sigilatta

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Hi Gina, This may not be the answer to your question but I have heard 
of people using gold leaf at very low temps to adhere to the lips of 
their pots. I seem to remember that they used some ceramic ingredient 
to work as a leaf glue as opposed to the normal glue that comes with 
the kit. Mike Gordon
On Aug 27, 2014, at 6:01 AM, Gina Mars via Clayart wrote:

> Hi All,
> I ran into someone who does the horsehair technique on their pottery 
> and a metallic coat of copper or gold on the rim. I asked about this 
> colorant and they said it was mica mixed with terra sigilatta 
> ,burnished and low fired. I find this a little hard to believe since I 
> looked up the colors mica like they use in makeup and it doesn't seem 
> like you can fire this more than a few hundred degrees .The colors 
> were 100percent metallic and looked like they were painted on. does 
> anyone have any experience with this?
> thank, enjoying the last of summer here in New York
> a perfect summer, Gina Mars
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