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I completely agree with that. 
I have always maintained that a kiln will tell you what it wants or needs, all you have to do is learn the language. 
You have eyes, ears, and a nose. Add experience acquired by trial and error and you're there!
This applies to all types of kiln. 

Steve M

Steve Mills
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On 30 Aug 2014, at 00:06, mel jacobson via Clayart <clayart at lists.clayartworld.com> wrote:

> being one of the pioneers using the oxyprobe, along with
> nils...i must say...they are great the first year.  learn your
> kiln, learn the adjustments...then it would break.
> wire is fragile.  expensive, and then trouble with the tube.
> then something else.  #&*$$%$#@XX
> i finally dumped the entire tool.
> i fire just fine without it.
> in fact...i don't depend on a meter.
> look, see, smell, cones, back flame reading.
> it works every time.  experience your kiln, learn your kiln, know your kiln.
> and, they are really expensive...and expensive to fix.
> not worth it to me.
> mel
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