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Robert Harris robertgharris at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 08:12:57 EST 2014

Most of the electric kilns I have seen on stands, are on stands in order to
attach a bottom vent. I have seen plenty that are sitting on cement, and
don't appear to have a problem (except perhaps with firing evenly, which is
one of the things vents are useful for).

On Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 11:40 PM, Jim Brown <jbrown1000 at gmail.com> wrote:

> "As to the bottom - it is esential that the bottom final layer end up in a
> ventilated air space. That is why you need a stand. Not as a  matter of
> insulation of that air space but to get rid of heat that  passes through
> the bottom. If  you have no venting, the temperature on the bottom surface
> in contact with the floor can get high enough  to start a fire on a
> flamable surface or make a steam explosion in a concrete floor."
> OK - starting from the bottom and going up this kiln is sitting on a dolly
> like one would use to move furniture - so I can roll it out of the way when
> the larger kiln is used.  There is about 5 inches air space under the
> dolly.  On top of the dolly are 2 1/2 inch cement boards that are used for
> backing for tile in baths, etc.  On top of that is 4 inches of ins.
> firebrick and on top of that is 4 inches of fiber.  If the heat at the
> bottom of all this is more than 10 degrees above ambient air temp I would
> be surprised so heat loss out the bottom is virtually none.
> Kilns started to have stands under them when companies started make and
> selling them to studio people rather than the potters making their own -
> probably because some people that bought them did, in fact, sit them on a
> wooden floor and burn the place down.  Every single one I have built sat on
> a cement floor - no air space, no problem reaching temp.
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