[Clayart] Urns

Steve Mills original.mudslinger at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 09:53:24 EST 2014

I have friends whose Father's ashes (for some unknown reason) wound up in a
lidded jar in the garage.
Since he refused point blank to travel (even for a holiday), his Widow
decided to celebrate her new found freedom by travelling abroad, and since
he wouldn't come along when alive, he was jolly well going to even though
he'd passed on.
So every time the family goes away, a small paper bag with a portion of
"Himself" goes too and is scattered at the destination.
As the family now travels frequently, Himself is well scattered, to the
point where I feel his "motto" or "Achievement" should read "Ubique"
(Latin: "everywhere").

Steve M

Steve Mills, Bath, UK  sent from my Nexus7

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