[Clayart] Small portable Raku kiln

William & Susan Schran User wschran at cox.net
Mon Jan 20 14:15:10 EST 2014

A quick search online provided many options for constructing a smaller
raku kiln - using a 20 gallon - 35 gallon metal trash can lined with fiber
will function the same way as your 55 gallon kiln. Here¹s a site with
publication about all things raku including some options for constructing
the kiln:

William "Bill" Schran
wschran at cox.net
wschran at nvcc.edu

On 1/20/14, 11:45 AM, "Peter Horridge" <pete_horridge at hotmail.com> wrote:

>I have been asked to do a demonstration of a raku firing BUT my own raku
>kiln, made from a 55 gallon oil drum is not that portable. I would
>ideally like a small rectangular kiln that I can assemble and transport
>quite easily using my car. Can anyone point me to plans for a simple kiln
>that they have built and used which may fit the bill?
>Something no larger than 24"x18"x18" with room for maybe 1 kiln shelf
>that I can use to fire maybe 6 small pots at a time is ideally what I am
>looking for.
>Many thanks in advance.
>Pete Horridge
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