[Clayart] s cracks

William & Susan Schran User wschran at cox.net
Mon Jan 20 22:46:54 EST 2014

I also consider cracks, whether ³S² or any other letter of the alphabet,
to be a defect.
Not allowing water to sit in pot bottom while throwing, compressing the
bottom (both sides), throwing/trimming such that wall through bottom
thickness are relatively even and drying evenly is all one needs to do to
prevent nearly any stress crack.
I have used a number of different clays over the years from very coarse
rake to fine particle porcelain and I can¹t recall the last time I saw an
³S² crack in any of my work.

William "Bill" Schran
wschran at cox.net
wschran at nvcc.edu

On 1/20/14, 7:05 PM, "John Hesselberth" <jjhesselberth at gmail.com> wrote:

>And speaking of porcelain! I have a question for the group. A few years
>ago (Pittsburgh maybe), one of the demonstrators at NCECA who worked in
>porcelain was asked how she eliminated s cracks‹this was in front of
>several hundred potters who where watching her at the time.  Her
>response: Porcelain s cracks ‹ get over it. She went on to say she did
>not consider porcelain s cracks a defect as long as they didn¹t go all
>the way through the bottom.
>Do you agree or not (I do not‹I am still in shock over an NCECA
>demonstrator making such a comment and my opinion of her as a competent
>potter has gone way down)? But am I being too critical ‹ are s cracked
>porcelain pots OK to be sold as first quality or are they seconds or
>near-future shards?

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