[Clayart] Artist vs Craftspeople

Lis Allison studio at pine-ridge.ca
Fri Jan 24 11:10:34 EST 2014

On 1/23/2014 9:01 PM, Michael McDowell wrote:
> Reconsidering that cave art. Most seem to feel that the depictions 
> represent a prayer for a good hunt. Might it conceivably be yet 
> another earlier receipt or I.O.U. made out to the universal power? A 
> record of a hunt already completed?

A lot of the art impulse is the desire to keep things. We see something 
beautiful, we want to 'keep' it so we paint it, photograph it.... this 
is why nowadays you see all those youngsters (and some not so young) so 
busy photographing everything. Hence 'selfies' which are of course an 
expression of the ultimate thing we want to keep - ourselves.


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