[Clayart] Jerry Brown and Coning

Terrance (Terry) Lazaroff zalt57 at videotron.ca
Sun Jan 26 14:56:29 EST 2014

David Woof says;

Hi Ed, I figger that for me it is vital that I make love with the clay.   Aside from the coning being a last wedging and finding possible unwanted occlusions i may have missed while canvas wedging... and a delicious prelude of anticipation of what will follow.... I enjoy the sensuousness of erecting a tall cone, pressing it back down into a shimmering globe, sometimes replete with a nipple which is the center indicator for where precise gentle thumb pressure begins the opening process which needs no further descriptive poetic prose.....

Youse guys that rush the clay into a forced submission give me further pause to wonder or wander.  But what do I know other than to have an opinion?  <{:>0)---{---------< All a matter of taste, and I find my clay and the pots that come forth marvelous and delicious.

Love this day,
Yes David;

That is why I wrote this short poem to express the sensuousness of pottery.


My art center director censured me.  I taught adults.  She was worried that the silvered hair ladies would be offended.  I am sure she was right.


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