[Clayart] Cold

Jim Brown jbrown1000 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 29 17:24:48 EST 2014

As I sit here looking out at my deck I see it is 34 degrees and very light
rain.  There is suppose to be snow flurries just north of me tonight.

THIS IS THE SUNSHINE STATE!!!  It is not suppose to be this cold this many
times here.  And the forecast for Sat is back into the 80's - well above
normal - again.  It's been like a yo-yo here for over a month now.

So all you good folks can stop sending the cold weather.  We do appreciate
it but enough is enough.

Seriously, I see the weather in your part of the county and hope all are
well and staying warm.  If I could, I would send warm weather.

Take care -

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