[Clayart] installing mol duct into plaster mold

Kathleen Morrell katmorrell at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 15:28:09 EST 2014

I am making a mold that requires compressed air release.  I have the molduct and regular plastic tubing and did one prototype that didn't work so well.

I have a probably really dumb question.  Do you close of one end of the molduct so that the pressurized air has to be forced out inside the plaster?  

I have scoured the internet looking for detailed instructions on how to install molduct into a plaster mold...but haven't gotten the detail I need.  In the Ceramics Arts Daily article about molds for double walled vessels, it shows photos of the molduct being laid in the mold but doesn't show the end and doesn't mention if you close off one end.

Does anyone out there use molduct and compressed air to release trapped molds?


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