[Clayart] installing mol duct into plaster mold

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Looks like Axner

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Buy a copy of "Pressing Ceramics with Air Release", by Reid Harvey. Covers thing very well in a small booklet. Available at large ceramic material supplier, whose name evades me.

> On 3/1/2014 2:28 PM, Kathleen Morrell wrote:
>> I am making a mold that requires compressed air
>> release.  I have the molduct and regular plastic
>> tubing and did one prototype that didn't work so well.
>> I have a probably really dumb question.  Do you close
>> of one end of the molduct so that the pressurized air
>> has to be forced out inside the plaster?
>> I have scoured the internet looking for detailed
>> instructions on how to install molduct into a plaster
>> mold...but haven't gotten the detail I need.  In the
>> Ceramics Arts Daily article about molds for double
>> walled vessels, it shows photos of the molduct being
>> laid in the mold but doesn't show the end and doesn't
>> mention if you close off one end.
>> Does anyone out there use molduct and compressed air
>> to release trapped molds?

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