[Clayart] installing mol duct into plaster mold

Don Goodrich djg at dongoodrichpottery.com
Sun Mar 2 19:17:42 EST 2014

Hi Kathleen, 
   It took some digging, but I found the answer to your question. 
It's in Reid Harvey's book "Pressing Ceramics With Air Release", 
published by Gentle Breeze in 1993. ISBN 1-889250-00-7. 
Quoting from page 10:  
   "After tying down all necessary tubing, cut it at the end, in the center 
of the screen. 
Turn a little moist clay, or modeling clay into a coil. Push this into the 
hole at the end of the tubing to plug it. 
Now fold this over and tie it off with a piece of the wire. This blocks off 
the end of the coil." 

Another person who has some experience with this is Terry Sullivan of 
Nottingham Center for the Arts. 
I haven't seen him or Reid on ClayArt in some years, but hopefully someone 
with air-release experience will turn up. 

Hope this helps, 
   Don Goodrich 

goodrichdn at aol.com 


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