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mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Sun Mar 2 20:37:02 EST 2014

robert, in my opinion credit stops when
you...and only you are comfortable with a
glaze becoming your own.

it is all about basic decency.
we cannot go on forever with credit.
or, we have use chinese and japanese
historic names....it goes back that far.

it is an individual thing.
i love to name glazes after folks i admire.
pete's red
rhodes 32
joe koons persimmon.
leech 1234
nils dark green celedon
it keeps my own self in perspective.  and, that is sorta my pallet
right now...except for a black scrap glaze that goes under.  and, who
cannot make that junk.???/takes no skill.

i did develop an orange glaze years
back..and it was the color of an orange.
the day i opened the kiln with tests, and
they were really nice.....well, the cover of
cm had a big round bottle on it...bright stoneware
orange.  yes, it came in the mail that very day.
oh, well.  my recipe was very different...so, i called
it mel's orange.  but, what the hell.
what is really new?????

i just admire folks like val cushing and harding black for
their work.  they were copied like crazy.  and, we all
sorta know those glazes and can tell really fast.
joe koons was a master of finding copy cats.
it was his hobby. (the stories he could tell.)

the best and the brightest gave everything away.

but, if i wrote a book, with years of research...well, i don't
want someone else to publish my work.  there is a name for it.
why does the kiln book have 30 bylines?  give credit where it is due.

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