[Clayart] Refractory for slump molds?

Alice DeLisle wanderland at att.net
Mon Mar 3 07:01:04 EST 2014

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> I am interested in slumping glass to complement ceramic forms. However, I
> have never made a glass slumping mold before.


A few years ago I took a workshop with Kathy Triplett.  She slumps glass into openings in ceramic wall sconces.  Be aware that I have not done this myself and I am telling you what I remember from the workshop.  I recall that Kathy made and fired the ceramic part and then slumped the glass directly into the place where it would fit so that it would fit perfectly.  She did use kiln wash before slumping and then used a strong adhesive to attach the glass to the ceramic.

I hope this helps.

Alice DeLisle

wanderland at att.net

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