[Clayart] flameware

Kim Overall overallk at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 3 21:36:44 EST 2014

Clayart has had numerous posts in the past
about a claybody that can be placed directly 

on top a stove flame and/or on top a diffuser
as well as oven safe.

Yesterday, someone asked me about making
commissioned ware like this.  He specifically
wants to use it on top the stove.

I told him I had a bean-pot type pot that I could
experiment with made of regularly purchased
stoneware.  I filled it with water, put it on top 

a metal diffuser over medium heat and had that
going for over an hour.  The water was bubbling
and the pot was barely hot, and the lid cool
enough to touch.  It cooled down and the water
poured out, it passed that test okay.

So today, I put 3 cups of dried pinto beans in it with 

1-1/2 tsps Real Salt and 7 cups distilled water.  Lid
placed on and put in cold oven set to 325 degrees
for 75 minutes after it came to temp.  They were
perfectly tender, and unbelievably sweet.  Much 

better than cooked on a stove top.

So my question is, to make this Balcones White
stoneware clay thermal resistant to direct flame and
electric stovetop burners, has anyone added about
20% grog to their purchased clay and tried this?
It really did pretty well, but I was not being aggressive
with the flame or oven temperatures.  

Another potter friend said mica is good.
I'm thinking grog is better than kyanite or fire clay.

I can already hear everybody saying to just try it
and I will; but I was just wondering what you thought.

I've also been told to temper experiment
with rapid temperature changes at least times to 


Just remembering everyone is geared up for NCECA
and may not read this..........

Kim in Houston

P.S.  This conversation on lidded cooking vessels
has been the only thing that has brought any excitement
to me making functional ware again in years.

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