[Clayart] flameware

Kathi kathi at lesueurclaywork.com
Tue Mar 4 06:28:51 EST 2014

On Mar 3, 2014, at 9:36 PM, Kim Overall <overallk at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Clayart has had numerous posts in the past
> about a claybody that can be placed directly 
> on top a stove flame and/or on top a diffuser
> as well as oven safe.
> Yesterday, someone asked me about making
> commissioned ware like this.  He specifically
> wants to use it on top the stove>>>

Boy, I wouldn't touch this with a ten foot pole. Maybe I'm super cautious, but this has "product liability" written all over it. There are some commissions that is just best to let go of. If I was looking for a flame ware product I'd be testing for a year to be absolutely sure that my products could survive. Getting one or two is just not enough information. 


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