[Clayart] flameware

Vince Pitelka vpitelka at dtccom.net
Tue Mar 4 18:15:50 EST 2014

Regarding Kim Overall's request for information about making stovetop
flameware, Kathi Lesueur wrote:
"Boy, I wouldn't touch this with a ten foot pole. Maybe I'm super cautious,
but this has "product liability" written all over it. There are some
commissions that is just best to let go of. If I was looking for a flame
ware product I'd be testing for a year to be absolutely sure that my
products could survive. Getting one or two is just not enough information."

I agree with Kathi.  Most of the posts on Clayart over the years about
stove-top "flameware" have been about how incredibly dangerous and foolish
it is for a studio potter to market (or ever use) such ware.  There have a
few who have posted that stove-top flameware is no problem if you do it
right, and that is the BIG problem.  If you don't do it exactly right,
someone loses their eyesight (or life) when one of your pieces explodes from
impacted moisture when placed on a hot electric burner, and you get sued for
everything you're worth.  Leave it to Corning and other big corporations to
make ceramic alloys that will stand up to stovetop use.  Anyone who makes
ware for sale specifically for stove-top use is taking a huge liability
- Vince

Vince Pitelka
Appalachian Center for Craft
Tennessee Tech University
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