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mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Wed Mar 5 10:15:07 EST 2014

i am taking tony's post about raw clay as a metaphor
for keeping it simple.
keep it local.

no need to bring supplies four thousand miles to
make pots.

it was a reply to my `glaze is basic` theme.
a few simple ingredients. keep it for your entire life.

we do live in a time when complexity is ruling
out craft.

there are times that we just have to be simple.
clay, glaze and fire.

and, i am with tony.  why would i order
clay from california, shipped to me in minnesota.
i buy stuff from continental clay.
if they don't have it...i don't have it.
and, my needs are really simple.  i can drive
over in a half hour, see mike, mary and the family.
simple and made for contentment.

it is like hand made tools.  they work, are simple
and do the job...and fit the hands.  they have age
and patina.

there is  sort of `dream time` present...we would love
to have the old clays, old glazes...sorta rough and ready.

we both know those days are gone forever.  no time to dig
or sift clay.  we buy it.

i remember when david hendley talked about a local
clay maker that had `black magic` or some such thing.
david loved it...it was local.

colleen called yesterday...she needs a really big banding wheel.
i found an old brent replacement wheel head, with bearings.
her dad will mount it in a heavy wooden box frame.
it will be one dandy banding wheel.  found objects, made to order.
i think that is what tony thinks about.
don't buy everything, ready made.

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