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David Hendley david at farmpots.com
Wed Mar 5 23:23:01 EST 2014

Yes, all the clay in my claybody is mined within 50 miles of me.
It's called "Blackjack", the name of the local community.
I get 30" diameter, 40 pound filter cakes, add some 'spar,
silica, and grog (ground up broken bisqueware) and run it
through my pugmill.
All the wood used to fire my kiln was also grown in the

Sometimes I am tempted to want to try some new kind of
claybody or firing, but then I try to remember how
fortunate I am to have everything I need at hand.
In Texas we call this philosophy "Dance with the one
that brung you."

David Hendley
david at farmpots.com

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>i am taking tony's post about raw clay as a metaphor
> for keeping it simple.
> keep it local.
> no need to bring supplies four thousand miles to
> make pots.
> and, i am with tony.  why would i order
> clay from california, shipped to me in minnesota.
> i buy stuff from continental clay.
> if they don't have it...i don't have it.
> and, my needs are really simple.  i can drive
> over in a half hour, see mike, mary and the family.
> simple and made for contentment.

> i remember when david hendley talked about a local
> clay maker that had `black magic` or some such thing.
> david loved it...it was local.
> available.

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