[Clayart] Tony's metaphor

Jim Brown jbrown1000 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 09:51:49 EST 2014

Tony, they usually traveled around the west and as one that has done so you
know that you can find all kinds of minerals along the roadways where they
cut into banks.  She had about 5 pounds of one of her finds that made an
absolutely beautiful speckled blue.

She always had where she had picked it up and on another trip back through
the same area would bring more home.  Not much, just a pound or two.  It
was sort of like Christmas and opening a kiln - unlike Mel and others where
the goal is to make items to sale that one wants to be the same, I enjoy
doing each firing a little different just to see the results, she just
loved opening that kiln and seeing what her find came out like.   That is
why I like sand and ash glaze - every batch of ash is usually a little
differ and each firing will be a little different - some come out pale
yellow, some darker; some with streaks, some not.

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