[Clayart] Dead ele. kilns

Dorothy Parshall dorothyp at whidbey.com
Thu Mar 6 14:17:01 EST 2014

I did not express myself clearly enough. I am 77 years old. I have a  
"brand new" kiln and another perfectly functioning kiln. Kilns seem to  
be a dime a dozen  and  I am certain the other three, four actually,  
are quite reparable. I could probably do it myself with ease. The  
problem is finding someone who wants to use them. One of them we  
rescued on its way to the scrap yard!  Even the new Paragon was sold,  
"must be sold", for $200. I do not plan to start a school!

Robert suggests cremating them - good for today's chuckle. Jim says,  
repair them. One could be made into a raku kiln, perhaps with an  
interior coating to prevent bits of brick from ruining pots.  Of  
course, then who is going to do the raku?

Well, maybe I shall have to repair them and offer them up for peanuts,  
or the cost of materials,  and hope someone will want them. This would  
require I learn how to advertise on one of these second hand sites.

Or I can let them sit here gathering dust until Robin needs the space  
- unlikely in a 20,000 sf building. I love the environment and hate  
waste. I was hoping for more creative solutions but perhaps that is  
all there is.

Dorothy, Quebec

On Mar 6, 2014, at 9:39 AM, Jim Brown wrote:

> Dorothy, unless the brick will not stand the temp you are firing or  
> they
> have been overfired, what possibility could be wrong with them that  
> they
> can't be fixed?  An ele. kiln is a simple thing - and simple to fix.
> Really, any kiln is a simple thing - just a container of some type  
> to put
> more heat into than escapes.

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