[Clayart] dorothy's kiln

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Thu Mar 6 16:40:38 EST 2014

i think we have to be honest and helpful here.

if i had the task at hand, and knowing her age,
i would suggest sort of taking them apart.

even with a large plier you can wiggle the
bolts holding the kiln together...snap them off.
take apart the bricks, re/cycle the metal stainless

the electric parts can be boxed up and saved.
they do come in handy.  try pricing the kiln sitter

you can bag up smaller parts and send them
to re/cycle or your local trash hauler.

coils can go into re/cycle.
same for the stands.

the other option is stacking them, cover with a tarp
and forget them.  it is an option...but, depending
on where you live....that is often not the thing to do.

it is amazing what you can get into your trash if you
break it down...take your time and send off a bit at a time.
i have done that for years.  my hauling guy is very helpful and
takes stuff if i can bring it to him when he is in the driveway.
i just throw it in.  often a five dollar bill now and then does
wonders for your trash hauler.  remember, he is the eyes
of the neighborhood.  he is not just a trash hauler...he knows
every car and truck within ten miles.  he can do a 911 call
to the police in 15 seconds.  i have high regard for my trash
hauler `bob`.  (he does not have dirt on his hands, that is gold)
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