[Clayart] Summer Workshops at Shakerag: Lisa Pedolsky, Connie Norman, & Linda McFarling

Brooke Cassady brooke.cassady at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 18:40:05 EST 2014

*Lisa Pedolsky**:*  *The Handbuilt Pot: Design, Construction, Decoration*

*Course Description:*

Using techniques similar to package design and dressmaking, we will explore
a multi-layered approach to slab constructed functional ceramics in this
one-week intensive class.  Technical and aesthetic aspects will be
considered while exploring closed and open forms including boxes, bowls,
platters and cups.  Participants will be guided through the process from
initial drawings to pattern design, using paper and roofing felt, to
assembling components.  Surface treatment will include the use of slip,
sgraffito, stencils, and both familiar and unconventional tools to achieve
visual and tactile depth.  As the week progresses participants will
discover how various techniques may be integrated into more complex forms.

Lively discussion, queries and interaction with one another will be
encouraged as we learn to personalize our work using the methods
presented.  The week of hands-on activity will be punctuated with
lecture-demos, a slide presentation, and opportunities for one-on-one
instruction.  We will work with terra cotta clay, and an end-of-week
demonstration will address post-bisque processes including staining,
underglazing, and glazing. Handouts will be provided with formulas for low
fire slips, stains, and glazes. Participants will leave the workshop
feeling competent in a number of forming methods and will take home green
and/or bisqued ware.

Basic knowledge of clay is recommended.  Beyond that, students of all
levels will find new techniques and challenging processes to bring to their

*Connie Norman**:*  *Surface and Glaze*

*Course Description:* In this workshop we will explore the intricacies of
hand-built earthenware vessels.  The workshop will cover simple mold making
and slab construction, with participants learning to make and use simple
bisque molds to create an assortment of utilitarian forms.  We will discuss
basic design principals and explore how glazing treatments affect the
perception of the pot's form.  I will demonstrate how I move from text to
decoration, then shape to surface.

We will also be masking and layering glazing techniques with low-fire
glazes, using *a variety of common office supplies to cut resist-style
designs*.  A wide variety of other possibilities for surfaces will also be

Activities: Demonstrations, slide lectures, and above all else, supervised
work time. Participants will engage in a hands-on experience and receive
daily feedback.

The workshop is open to artists with all skill levels.  Students of all
levels will find new techniques and challenging processes to bring to their

*Linda McFarling**:*  *Pots with Sass!*

*Course Description:*

In this fun packed week we will explore various techniques that will
enhance and add a little sassiness to your work. Techniques to be covered
include faceting, fluting, darting, and much more. Come with a playful
attitude and willingness to take chances. Bisque firing only.

Some basic throwing skills required.

*About Shakerag Workshops: *

Shakerag Workshops, located in Sewanee, TN on the Cumberland Plateau, is an
adult studio art workshop program, with week-long classes offered in
various different media. Participants register for one class each week, and
each day classes meet from 9:00-12:00 and1:00-4:00. Students and faculty
members often work together in the studios during the late afternoons and
evenings, as they choose, occasionally taking time off from their artistic
endeavors for swimming or yoga.

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