[Clayart] new G-200 feldspar

ronroy at ca.inter.net ronroy at ca.inter.net
Thu Mar 6 18:49:18 EST 2014

Hi David,

Which brand of G200 was that? It was advertised that a blended version  
(SP for Spruce Pine) would be produced but it never was. The G 200 HP  
was not a blend. The new supply is coming from Spain (not blended as  
far as I know) and will be called G 200 EU - I have an analysis for it  
if you need it.

One option that will work for some glazes is to sub in Neph Sy - glad  
to help with that if needed.


Quoting David Hendley <david at farmpots.com>:

> Yesterday I stopped by my ceramic supplier and asked about
> getting some G-200. They wanted $90 for 100 pounds!!!
> Heck, I am still getting used to paying $30 for feldspar, since
> it was $15 a hundred not too long ago.
> What's going on here? Since it is now a blended product
> is it significantly more expensive? I can't see how it could
> ever be worth this price.
> David Hendley
> david at farmpots.com
> http://www.farmpots.com
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Ron Roy
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