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Fri Mar 7 01:11:35 EST 2014

Timing is everything or else it goes away before the Geeebage Men get there.

Even in the said-to-be 'nice' Neighborhoods here ( Las Vegas ) scroungers on 
Bicycles come by at Dawn and there-after on Garbage-at-the-Curb Days, to 
tear all the bags open, scatter refuse all over, looking for anything 
'metal' ( like empty Cat Food Cans, or whatever else ) which they then 
accumulate and sell to the recyclers.

So, I started taping a large Paper Sign to my Trash Bags which says "NO 

And any Cans or Metal I am throwing away I put into a stout one foot by one 
foot Dedicated Cardboard ( With a Sign on it which says "METAL - HERE" ) for 
them to have, and, so far my Trash Bags have ceased being ripped open and no 
more their contents scattered on the Curb-Sidewalk, etc.

Eeeeeeeesh, life in 2014...in de boybz...oh well...whatchagunnado...

L v

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From: Roy & Marcey Sherman

I've found a 6 pack of beer atop a large pile to be very effective in
making it go away!

Marcey Sherman
1/2 way out Long Island, NY with a husband heading to Seattle for a new
job, working on the house to get out there with him as soon as possible.

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