[Clayart] Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show Call for Entries. 2014

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On Mar 8, 2014, at 7:11 PM, Terrance Lazaroff wrote:

> Another case of legal theft.  First one must pay to be juried then pay again to show.  When will it ever end. 
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Where in the world have you been? Jury fees have been going on for thirty years. Pay to apply. If people had resisted when this first started it wouldn't have continued. But, people were willing to pay the $10 for a chance to show. Now, it's up to $50. How long until it's $100. Jury fees are just another fund raiser. They have nothing to do with the cost of jurying. I know. I've been involved with an organization that decided to have a jury fee.  "We make lots of money on jury fees." There  is a well-known organization with a Florida show that one year extended it's deadline because "we did not receive enough qualified applicants." This is a show that usually got 10,000 applicants and based their year's budget on jury fees. What I thought was that lots of artist decided they were wasting their money since they would never be accepted and didn't apply. That is happening more and more. I get mailers and emails reminding me of deadlines. I even got a personal call from a show reminding me that I hadn't applied. 

I'm  with Mel and others, get together with other potters and start your own show. Everyone pays as much as it takes to fund the show. Don't be a non-profit. Just be a clay club. If you only take in what you need to put on the show, there are no profits to be taxed.  The only taxes are the sales tax each artists collects and the income tax each artists pays on their own sale. Keep it cheap, keep it small, and take out event insurance.

Jury fees are here to stay.


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