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I assume everyone here knows John Britt's article with the rolaids and the
tums. More to the point, kitty litter and rotten stone. also glacial flour.
is it cheaper? dunno. cooler? definitely.

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> "Legal theft" ="property is theft" politics,won't go there.
> A work around for glaze calculations is to use the formula for a known
> material similar to your local one and then adjust. Cardew has a formula
> for a "common ash" and formulas can be calculated from % analyses of
> similar rocks found online.
> Urban materials. There may be no granite bedrock in a city like Seattle or
> Vancouver but there can be glaze materials to use. Ash from a wood stove,
> pizzeria or barbeque restaurant. Glass powder from a glass recycler. The
> main shift is from buying materials to make the glaze you want to wanting
> the glaze your local materials give you. It needn't be all penitential
> gruel. Take some of the money you save and buy something exotic as a treat.
> Seola Creek
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