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mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Mon Mar 10 09:28:12 EDT 2014

i know that having extra room in your pottery
is a tough thing to find.
but, if you can have some extra larger plastic garbage
type containers you can bulk order things like custer
and silica...epk.

i have six 40 gallon containers full to the top
with standard materials.

the things i use less are in 5 gallon containers.

i filled all of them about ten years ago.
some are still almost full.  (remember, minnesota clay
is a ten minute drive for me.)

first and foremost, i hate to be without
certain chemicals when i need them.

my rhodes 32/mel is made at about 25 gallons at a time.
what i am saying is:  if you store chemicals for years...instead
of buying that 5 lb bag...you have total consistency of materials.
i don't worry so much about things changing.

i still have bags of chemicals in my studio that i purchased
in 1960.  wolf chemical company new york.

all my oxides are in plastic coffee packages.  tight covers.
and, remember, you can store these materials outside as
long as they have tight covers.  weather does not affect them.

anyway, i was just thinking about this when the conversation
came up on clayart.  my kiln room is big enough to hold
dozens of plastic containers.  and, they do not have to be in the
heating buildings.

think of what i paid for chemicals 20 years ago.

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