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Mon Mar 10 23:58:01 EDT 2014

Peritectic...Also recognised as "Incongruent Melting"  See Kingery, Bowen 
and Uhlman, "Introduction to Ceramics", ISBN  0-471-47860-1. pp.267-9 
including diagram.
Always a pleasure to share sound Knowledge.
Ivor Lewis,
South Australia

> Thanks for the comments, friends. Interesting and educational. As usual, I
> had to consult references to understand Ivor's reference to peritectic
> reaction - "a reaction where a solid phase and liquid phase will together
> form a second solid phase at a particular temperature and composition"
> Thanks, Ivor! In addition to savoring this new (to me) concept, I'm
> wondering if it also accounts for the slower melt of cornwall stone 
> despite
> the high levels of fluxes. Also, I wasn't aware of the variety of analyses
> embraced by the name - thanks, Ron.
> In the interest of full disclosure, the test flowed mainly from curiosity
> about the pinholes on my friend's pot. If I needed to tame this glaze, the
> suggested substitution of wollastonite for whiting seems like a good 
> start,
> though digging a little deeper into the particular flavor of material 
> might
> be advisable, too. Fluorine sounds like a likely suspect.
> However, this is more of a thought experiment for me, less about working
> around the issue than trying to understand why the reworked formula is so
> much more fluid than the original; or rather, why the original doesn't 
> melt
> as much as the flux levels suggest it would.
> Once again, I delight in this hive mind we make up. Thanks!
> Jeff
> PS I didn't squander my stockpiled G200-HP on tests - the old G-200
> happened to be one of two potash spars I had lying around.
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