[Clayart] Copper Reds and Greenware.

Terrance (Terry) Lazaroff zalt57 at videotron.ca
Sun Mar 16 12:39:06 EDT 2014


I don`t know about the days of yore.  Perhaps they were bisques.  

I have spent about a total of a year in Jingdezhen China, during the past 10 years.  I remember my first visit in 2003, trying to get a bisque firing organized.  The Chinese potters  looked at me like I was crazy.   When I did get a bisque kiln going the results were bisque ware that was more fragile than green ware.

Every pottery that I visited, single fired their porcelain.   I am sure there may be shops that bisque, but they would probably using some sort of stoneware.  I personally never saw a Chinese pottery firing bisque.

The potter in this video is glazing green ware.


As for firing copper reds in Jingdezhen.  They were also single fired.  They were first glazed then sprayed with a copper under glaze and then covered with the glaze.  It was like a sandwich.   The glaze would run, requiring the feet to be ground down.

Terrance Lazaroff wrote

> The Porcelain of Jingdezhen is not bisque fired.   It is single fired.
>  The brushes are use during the trimming process, and prior to glazing.

Hi Terrance,
Nigel Woods wrote that copper reds in days of yore were fired on bisque not
green ware. Is that no longer the case in your experience?

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