[Clayart] Ivor's proposal

douglas fur 23drb50 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 22 11:29:36 EDT 2014

How does this method sound?
1) make a 10cm square cube, weigh and measure. 2) dry to black hard, weigh
an measure. 3) dry in oven, weigh and measure. 4) bisque fire, weigh and
measure. 5) saturate with water, weigh and measure.
I think the differences in the first three should get the weight and volume
of water of plasticity. 1-2= wt. and vol. of water to atmosphere. 2-3=wt.
of water in pores and by extrapolation from the first step the volume of
pores could be calculated. Steps 4 and 5 may be redundant but you could
check the weight of water in the pores, check if there's shrinkage from
black hard to bisque and get a weight for chemical water and l.o.i.

Seola Creek

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