[Clayart] making a flat pattern for a concave surface

Marci marci at ppio.com
Sun Mar 23 12:52:03 EDT 2014

Calling all you math guys .....
    I want to be able to make flat patterns for concave surfaces . ( 
specifically  Christmas ornaments ) .
   I d like to be able to make flat  templates of designs that can be 
transferred to the top and bottom  of the balls  ( for example ,  5, 
6 and/or 8 point  " flower" shapes ) and while I can eyeball  the 
design directly onto the piece  and can  play with  cutting some 
paper trial and error ,  Im wondering if there is some sort of 
mathematical  way to do this . ( specifically , where to add gores so 
that the pattern can lay flat  to design the elements of it .. but 
then  fit the curvature when taped to the round piece ) ... and then 
possibly even made into waterslide decals ...
   Ive searched the net but havent been able to find the 
information  I need but Im not sure Im using the right search terms..
     Also, I slept through math class ... so talk slow and use small 
words  LOL ! ( If I'da known that math and chemistry were gonna be 
that important, I would have paid better attention instead of 
sketching in my notebooks.. )
  Thanks, guys!
marci the chinapainter

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