[Clayart] making a flat pattern for a concave surface

Marci marci at ppio.com
Mon Mar 24 11:09:29 EDT 2014

At 12:16 AM 3/24/2014, Fredrick Paget wrote:

>   Marci -
>  You are already half way there. That paper pattern at the web site 
> you show could make a decal that would fit on a sphere with a 
> little stretching. Decals are stretchable when they come off the 
> paper so it will work. It is like printing the paper map that they 
> put on a globe of the world. The more sections there are in the 
> pattern the less stretching is needed.
>   The size is easy to figure as the length oe the "equator" of the 
> ornament is the maximum diameter times Pi. or you can measure it with a string.
>   The length of the "petals" will be one half the equator llength. 
> When cutting out the decal before soaking you cut out & throw away 
> all the parts marked "T",  leaving only  the flower petal shapes, 
> which would then be able to conform well to the ball shape.

  YAY , Fred! Thank you ! This is what I needed... I knew the decal 
would stretch and knew I d have to cut it ... and it will work even 
if I  do thin plastic templates ... Just needed to confirm that I was 
thinking correctly on the measurements thing ( transferring the 
measurements from the  3D piece to a flat paper ) . Math was never my thing .
    And thank you again to everyone who responded. I appreciate it 
very much . You guys are the best !
  Clayart ROCKS !!
marci the chinapainter

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