[Clayart] making a flat pattern for a concave surface

Marci marci at ppio.com
Mon Mar 24 11:36:19 EDT 2014

>Phil said:
>Hi Marci, ( snip)
>You can have a narrow ribbon of Paper with correctly spaced cues or marks,
>which will wrap around or across a convex or concave surface, which 'cues'
>guide to make a geometric or other precision-repeating lay out to follow.
>Math would not help you to apply cues to their necessarily precise
>locations, anyway - you would still have to mark the locations of the
>Pattern's key features, by some empirical and, forthrightly practical
Hi Phil,
    This doesnt have to be absolutely pin-point precise. and there 
are options out there , like a narrow self-adhesive quilt marking 
tape that has  1/4 inch marks already printed on it  that I can use 
to mark off  spaces... so that would help to mark  the locations of 
the key features on the piece.
    What I was needing to know was how to transfer ( or relate )  the 
measurements from that 3 D piece to flat paper.

  and Eric said:

>Taking your mandala as an example, the important measurement is the
>middle line of the petal. This will determine how much of the sphere
>your design will cover. To cover half the sphere it should be 25% of the
>circumference of the sphere.

Thanks, Eric!  This helps immensely !
  marci the chinapainter  

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